Managed Mastodon Hosting

Build your own community and be independent of Facebook and Co.

Ten reasons to use Mastodon

1. Open Source.
2. No advertisements!
3. Complete control over your private data.
4. No censorship! Post whatever you like!
5. No big brother spying on you!
6. No restrictions on picture size or shape.
7. #Hashtags!
8. Simple and clean interface.
9. Friendly and interesting community!
10. No nymwars!

Safe and Secure.

Hosted in a German Data Center under the strictest security standards. We don't sell your data to advertising agencies.

Fast and Scalable.

Our hosting facility for Mastodon is a dedicated environment, which provides a high-speed connection to the Internet within a scalable network.

100% Green Electricity.

We take the privacy of your data very seriously. We are running federated social networks like TOOT I/O and Diaspora Europe and Diaspora Germany for more than 50.000 users who trust our services.

Happy Customers like Natural News :)

Since 2014 we're running a pod for with 30.000 users.

Your own Mastodon Pod

Pick a plan that fits your needs


All the basics for starting a community up to 500 users


Custom Domain (SSL)
Email Support
24/7 Server Management
1 Day Response Time
1 TB Bandwidth/mo

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Features you need for a growing community up to 5.000 users


Custom Domain (SSL)
Email Support
24/7 Server Management
12 Hrs Response Time
10 TB Bandwidth/mo

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Higher capacity to scale your community beyond

ping us

Custom Domain (SSL)
24/7 Help Desk Support
24/7 Server Management
30 Min Response Time
Enough Bandwidth

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