@Mastodon thank you,why my friend’s Mastodon instance was suspended with no reason,she only had 2 posts,there was no response after submitting the appeal,thanks for working!Looking forward to your reply!


@jbk @Mastodon i don't think no one can suspend your instance, where do you host your instance? If you host your instance in your own private PC, no one can suspend your instance.

Your server your rules, your instance your rules.

@rohmatsb @Mastodon thanks for explaining,it was a normal user of Mastodon,just was told the account was suspended from a mail ,i don’t know why,all was showed on the pic attached,how can she could get the account restored,we didn’t get any response after submitting the appeal,thank you so much 🤝🤝

@jbk @Mastodon she joined the same server as you, or is she joining at mastodon.social?

If she's not joining "mastodon.social" or "mastodon.online". The @Mastodon can't do anything about it.

It's that the server admin can do anything with your account, including blocking it. There are a lot of other server will welcome you and your friend nicely.

Well, tell her to join other server.
The server i joined is open for registration

=> toot.io <=

@jbk @Mastodon
Mastodon works the same as email

You signedup on Yahoo Email, and they suspend your email, the only one can restore your account is just Yahoo. Google can't do anything about it.

But instead of restoring your Yahoo email account, you can sign up on Gmail.

The same as Mastodon, you can always jump to other server that will welcome you nicely.

@jbk @Mastodon
Even if you're on Yahoo and your friend on Gmail, both of you can always communicate.

You can also follow each other and communicate even if they're on other server.

You see, i'm writing this from toot.io server

@rohmatsb @Mastodon thanks for reply,she was in mastodon.social, and suddenly got blocked,she will join again,thank you :blobheart:

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