In the immortal words of : "Fuck 2020!"

Guten Rutsch and a happy new year.

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πŸ’– Good news: currently, there's no domain squatter on

πŸ’” Bad news: well..... I know 2880 reasons why.

The other thing I love about : fucking around with chart layouts in /#PGFPlots. It really humbles you once you realize that you have absolutely no clue what you're doing πŸ’€

Totally unrelated quote of the day: "All that I could forgive. But Debbie... pastels?" -


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The one thing I really love about writing my Master's Thesis in is that you really learn something new every day. E.g. up until yesterday I manually wrote stuff like "as shown in Figure~\ref{fig:whatever}" - Turns out someone was as annoyed about this as me and just wrote the cleveref package. Now it's just "as shown in \Cref{fig:whatever}" and ""see \Cref{tab:some_table}". πŸ€“

Shout out to the fine folks developing ! Seamless and (near) effortless integration between phone and computer. Awesome!



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